Show your radio log on line !

put your radio plot map on line

To visualize how big the amateur-radio world is, an on-line logging tool offers help. It logs all you radio contacts and displays them on a map. Plus gives you direct access to details of the contacts that you made. The HRD amateur-radio software suite offers many interesting features for the Scouts to play with.

HRD version 6 (with a 30-day free trial) can be downloaded here.

HRD version 5 (completely free version) can be downloaded here.

On-line-, but also off-line logging is available with HRD (you can upload logs later if no internet connection is available at your JOTA station). The on-line tool gives you the possibility to display your contacts on an electronic plot map.This shows how far your contacts have reached and, indeed, how big your radio world is. The logbook also gives you the distance and further details of each contact that you enter. The Scouts that serve as your station’s “logbook operator” will be able to directly present the overview.

Have a look at the on-line tool here.

If you are using more than one radio station simultaneously, you will need some extra software to enable all stations to use the same logbook.

The complete SW package that you need to install, including step-by-step instructions for JOTA users can be downloaded here.

Want to quickly find a Scout station on the radio? There is a DX cluster set up specially for JOTA stations and you can integrate it into the HRD logbook as well. How? Have a look here.


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